New Bridge Life.

Our History

Founded in 2000 by Russ McCall, New Bridge was born from the excitement, intensity and tradition of polo. Today, New Bridge embraces equestrians of all disciplines as well as those who simply love the outdoors.

Aiken, South Carolina

Aiken, South Carolina has deep equestrian roots. More than a century ago, a perennial influx of wealthy Northeasterners brought with them their passion for horse racing, carriage driving, fox hunting, steeplechase, and polo. Aiken boasts a host of live oak-lined streets and many horse-friendly clay roads in addition to its vibrant downtown where restaurants and locally owned shops welcome residents and guests alike. Today, equestrians of all disciplines make their way to Aiken for an array of horse shows and events. Named The South’s Best Small Town by Southern Living, Aiken continues to win the hearts, minds, and imaginations of equestrians and non-equestrians alike for its abundant natural beauty, rich history, and warm people.

What We Believe

We want wide open pastures like lush green oceans dotted with shades of rust, steel, stone, and onyx bent gracefully as far as the horizon. We want the scent of earth, hay, horses, wildflowers, and leather. We want the birdsong, the deep thunder of hooves, the groomsman’s whistle, the whinny of beloved horses, and the laughter of neighbors entwined. We want the day’s dust on our jackets, the mud on our boots. We want the warm, velvet nuzzle of a nose looking for an apple in our hands.

We want to live where wide-open spaces and Aiken’s energy aren’t mutually exclusive – they’re perfectly part of life. We want a safe place where solitude and connection, laidback fun and intense sport and more than possible, they’re preferable.

We want horse friendly roads, four-board fencing, polo fields made for the electrifying pulse of sport, arenas for practice or play, and trails that let us explore and still keep us close to home. We want stables of care and comfort that our horses can call home. We want room to play, room to ride and room to live in a place we can call home.

As neighbors, we want equestrians of all disciplines, as well as those who simply love the outdoors, to share the essential joys of horse-country living: a life that celebrates horses, people, and land – in a place made to connect them all. Come join us!