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Things to do in Aiken!

Aiken Center for the Arts

Aiken Center for the Arts promotes the arts in the community with art educational classes, fine art gallery sales including local artists and exhibition opportunities in 5 galleries, cultural activities, films, musical performances, rental options and partnerships in the arts community. The gift shop offers an eclectic variety of fabulous artistic works.



Aiken County Farmers Market

Listed on the Aiken Historic Register, the Farmers Market sells fresh produce including corn, tomatoes, beans, fruit and more. Goods displayed are laid out on the tables built by farmers and families of Aiken County over 50 years ago. The Market, now as then, is a place where produce is sold and conversation and recipes are shared with friends, old and new.



Aiken County Historical Museum

Set within one of Aiken's famed "Winter Colony" cottages, the Aiken County Historical Museum, also known as "Banksia" after the Banksia Rose, will enthrall visitors with Aiken's past, present and future.




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